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My name is Alistair Brookman and I make 1:12 scale fully hand-built model Grand Prix Ferraris. The models are all-metal and fully detailed down to each hexagon head and rivet, with removable aluminium body panels. These models are precision built; the most important aspect being dimensional accuracy and realistic representation of the original machine.

At this time (November 2004) I have begun making 2 x 1934-35 Alfa Romeo P3 models. Currently one is available for purchase. These models will be finished approximately November 2005.

The models have been described in magazines as -Alistair Brookman's superb hand made models are eagerly sought by connoisseurs and investors alike. These models are serious works of art and wonderful representations of historically important Grand Prix Ferraris.

My business comes from an obsession of Grand Prix racing, having raced cars and working as an engineering draughtsman.

What you will see on the other pages:
1953 Ferrari - Features the 1953 Ferrari 500 1:12 scale
1956 Ferrari - Features the 1956 Lancia-Ferrari D50 1:12 scale
1961 Ferrari - Features the 1961 Ferrari 156 1:12 scale 350mm LG.
1954 Mercedes - Features the 1954-55 Mercedes open wheeler and streamliner 1:12 scale approx 345mm LG.
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1953 Ferrari

1956 Ferrari

1961 Ferrari

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