1956 Lancia Ferrari D50 1:12 Scale
Each model is carefully constructed with precision and great attention to detail. The result is a realistic model, with emphasis on the historic importance of these successful Ferrari Grand Prix cars.

Like machines, it all begins on the drawing board with assembly and detailed drawings to produce patterns and jigs etc.
This stage usually takes around three to four months.

The models are hand made and are fully detailed from brass, aluminium and other metals such as stainless steel wire for wheel spokes. Usually parts such as gear box sections, cam shaft covers and other parts of the engine are cast from aluminium. Then all parts joining faces are machined and holes are drilled etc. The body panels and seat are aluminium. Parts such as chassis, suspension, pedals, gear change, radiator and wheels are made of brass. The other numerous small parts are either brass or aluminium. The tyres are made of silicon rubber.

The finished look of each part is as close as can be to the original.
The following pictures show the attention to detail at each stage of construction. Click on the cars to show an enlargened picture.

1953 Ferrari
1956 Ferrari
1961 Ferrari
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